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DailyArtDesign Interview mit Mark Andrew Allen – Künstler

DAD: Hi there, would you tell us a little about your artistic background?

MAA: I am a second-generation artist. My father is an artist as well. So I have been doing art all my life.

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DAD: When did you start your career as an artist?

MAA: My career started when I was very young. I was creating posters of my favourite bands for my neighbourhood buddies.


DAD: Do you have a favourite artist or who and what are you inspired by at work?

MAA: Robert Raushenberg

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DAD: Where do you get your ideas for your motifs from?

MAA: From everyday life


DAD: Which materials / media / software do you use for your creations?

MAA: I am hands-on. I like texture. I like things to get messy.


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DAD: How would you describe your style, how does your art spark interest in its beholder? 

MAA: Retro Pop


DAD: What was your favourite project until now and why?

MAA: Showing my work in New York City in the famous Rockefeller Center windows during the holidays. People from all over the world got to see my art.


DAD: What are you working on at the moment and what future projects do you have in the pipeline that we may look forward to?

MAA: I am always working on new things. I am moving more into mixed media and collage mixed with my painting.


DAD: What keeps you awake at your work with graphical software, with pencils and colours?

MAA: I like the surprise of creating, and not knowing what the outcome will be.

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DAD: Would you as an experienced artist give some advices to apprentices or newcomers in your area of art?

MAA: Don’t get into this career unless you absolutely feel like you must. It is very difficult to make a living as an artist. But, if you really really just have to be an artist, jump in with both feet and be prepared to work very hard!


DAD: Thanks a million for this short interview! For your artistic career we wish you all the best!


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