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DailyArtDesign Interview mit Robert Rusin – Künstler

DAD: Would you tell us a little about your artistic background?

RR: I am currently one of the most popular and best-selling artists from Milton Keynes, UK. I’ve sold my art and designs to twenty countries around the world. Hardly an old master, more of pop art machine, I use all, there is to generate interest in what I do, making sure it’s interesting in the first place. I was discovered to be a so-called talented child and soon (at the age of seven) signed up to attend evening art classes, organised by the National School of Fine Arts in Poland. My journey through arts has got its good and not-so-good episodes, really taking off only at the time I moved to England in 2007. I represent the younger generation of artists, using to their advantage all the modern technology, Internet, mass media and publicity of all sorts. I was lucky enough to have my family and friends encouraging me to try my best in art. I create, design and draw poster art, balancing the fine line between contemporary advertising and vintage posters, happy to release pictures the people would like to look at over and over again.


© Robert Rusin via

DAD: When did you start your career as an artist?

My international presence in arts began in 2008 after I’ve signed with two print-on-demand companies in the USA. Ever since I see growing number of prints sold to various destinations, some as exotic as Singapore or some top-cities like New York or Tokyo. I’ve had sold-out exhibitions locally in the UK and currently collaborate with local art galleries selling my prints. I do public and corporate commissions. Before that, I was painting, drawing and creating for my own pleasure, having to make my living and work for a few companies outside the art-sector. One day I said enough is enough and decided to do what I really love: art. It was rather brave, life-changing move, but now it pays back.


DAD: Do you have a favourite artist or who and what are you inspired by at work?

RR: I’m a follower of the new retro trend, resembling Art Deco. My favourite artist would be Tamara de Lempicka (we both have Polish roots though) and poster creator, Cassandre. I’m still under very strong influence of his ‚Normandie‘ poster and who knows it could have been the reason I’ve started creating poster works myself.


© Robert Rusin via


DAD: Where do you get your ideas for your motifs from?

RR: I believe that art should develop in accordance with present times and general public who are the consumers of it, however we’d like to think of art. Trying to source my inspiration from the closest community, I always make sure I know what is it the people are enthusiastic about, I look back to the heritage and then create my new artwork, merging the past and the present. My experience shows that colour and balance is what art collectors and buyers are looking for in arts nowadays the most. I also know that even depicting something very local to project easily understood universal message always does the trick.


DAD: Which materials / media / software do you use for your creations?

RR: All my works came from drawing-by-hand and then have been re-mastered, enhanced and/or finished using either acrylics or computer software to desired effect. If I was painting it, I’d sell hi-quality photograph of my work, printed to my buyer’s requirements, size and finish. Flexibility helps; additional options are welcome and tempt to attract more interest.


DAD: How would you describe your style, how does your art spark interest in its beholder?

RR: Pop Art is what I do best with only small, but significant indication. As an artist I specialise in posters, having released many uplifting, inspirational artworks to make someone’s day. I speak through colour, composition or refreshing change, a surprise for the viewers.


© Robert Rusin via


DAD: What was your favourite project until now and why?

RR: I was involved in design of decor for three main boulevard in my adopted home-town of Milton Keynes, UK. Have seen my pop art, colourful visions of the place, transferred and projected in the very centre of town, spanning across dual carriageways and walkways between central train station and main shopping centre. It made me feel proud of where I live, proud I was able to make it and brought back some really fantastic feedback from everyone local or visiting. More impressive as this project made a history, being the biggest in size public art over there (roughly one and a half football pitches in total) so far. Besides, my designs served as the background for the 2012 Olympic Torch Relay, heading to London.


DAD: What are you working on at the moment and what future projects do you have in the pipeline that we may look forward to?

RR: I am currently involved in a new project, aiming to publicise and advertise modern and contemporary artists with their works in my area. It’ll be series of poster designs, they can use in their publicity and during the shows as the way of professional PR, using unbiased, very visual depiction of their skills.


DAD:  What keeps you awake at your work with graphical software, with pencils and colours?

RR: More recently I’ve re-discovered how powerful constant learning is, especially if an artist is able to make things work personally, both artistically and commercially. I’m trying to keep myself on top of what’s new, what’s trending and what art sells.


© Robert Rusin via


DAD: Would you as an experienced artist give some advices to apprentices or newcomers in your area of art?

RR: My first words of advice would be: never to give up trying. If you believe you’ve got what it takes to be successful, make sure you’ll give it your best shot. Be open to new things, always learn the example of someone before you and shape your art as you feel it. All the best of luck as it’s worth it.


DAD: Thanks a million for this short interview! For your artistic career we wish you all the best!



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