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DailyArtDesign Interview mit Tracy Hall – Fotografin

DAD: Hi there, would you tell us a little about your artistic background?

TH: My artistic background comes from Still Life work, I find it amazing how set ups are done and I have been trying many different things to produce better than the first.

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DAD: When did you start your career as an artist?

TH: I started my career as a Teenager with a Film Camera.


DAD: Do you have a favourite artist or who and what are you inspired by at work? TH: My favourite artist has to be other people and they inspire me to do the work I do. 

DAD: Where do you get your ideas for your motifs from?
I have to say its other people that I get my motifs from, it is wonderful.

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DAD: Which materials / media / software do you use for your creations?

TH: I use Photoshop Elements 8 and Lightroom 3 for my creations. 

DAD: How would you describe your style, how does your art spark interest in its beholder? 

TH: My style is famous for having pin sharp images, I like to see all the details in everything.

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DAD: What was your favourite project until now and why?

TH: My favourite project has always been macro work as using a macro lens you see things so clear and its so mesmerizing.


DAD: What are you working on at the moment and what future projects do you have in the pipeline that we may look forward to?  

TH: I am still doing macro work and still life photography and will try my hand at some outdoors nature shots.


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DAD: What keeps you awake at your work with graphical software, with pencils and colours or behind the camera? 

TH: I like to try different techniques with pencils as there are so many set ups you can do, and colour is the main object as it attracts the eye.

DAD: Would you as an experienced artist give some advices to apprentices or newcomers in your area of art?

TH: I would help out apprentices and newcomers as they learn by trying different approach to things. 

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DAD: Thanks a million for this short interview! For your artistic career we wish you all the best!


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